Saturday, March 24, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

A pile o' feedburner feeds

Look at all the juicy new links

Mostly from local directory submissions, of course. If you're a human reading this, you're gonna be bored. This is really just for spiders :-)

YellowBot, on Facebook, and how about CrunchBase :-). There's a Yelp profile too for Visual Itineraries (prize goes to the first person who reviews us!). UBL has a page for our cool travel website too. Never heard of Directory Central, but our travel site is there too.

LinkedIn of course has a page for Visual Itineraries as well as my own profile page with a mention on it. And Jacob's got a visual itineraries sample page on his Classic Ridge Design site too.

Google+ (of course) has Visual Itineraries. StumbleUpon...and Lookup Book...and Best of the Web Local too. And since I'm a board member of SEMpdx, there's a page for me there with a link too. And, where I've written a series of articles on SEO.

And there's also Virtual Itineraries, which I created simply because people were typing that instead of "visual".