Friday, March 24, 2006

Rally of the Lost Patrol

Welcome to the Yukon...and ya might want to bring yer coat

A few years ago, I went on a little drive in the snow with some friends. Actually, it was about 6,000 miles...from Seattle to Seattle, with a wee stop at the Arctic Ocean in the middle. The event was called The Rally of the Lost Patrol, and it's a TSD (time-speed-distance) rally held in the dead of winter (and up there, winter gets REALLY dead...we saw -57F!).

I think this is where God practiced making trees...once he was good enough at it, he came down and did British Columbia, Oregon...

I went with my friend Paul Duchene--he wrote a story on it for the Chicago Tribune, while I shot the photos.

Snow like satin in the Richardson Mountains, Yukon

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hotel engineering

Having just returned from a quick business trip, I have one (1) rant and one (1) rave about Hotel Room Technology! :-)

RANT: the world DOES NOT need a new engineering idea for how to control water volume and temperature in a shower. Yes, I went to university, but I shouldn't need all my years of education just to turn the shower on in the morning! The plain old round turny things labelled Hot and Cold work just fine. LEAVE IT ALONE. I'm sorry your job is boring, Mr. Plumbing Designer, but it's not my fault and you're making things worse!

RAVE: ok, I'll have to support Matt Cutt's opinion on the curved shower rod invention...I like it!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cars (and bikes) I've owned

An incomplete list...but found these old photos and thought I'd collect them in one place online.

things with motors

MotoGP race at Laguna Seca!

I missed the American Nicky Hayden winning the inaugural MotoGP race at Laguna Seca raceway last year (MotoGP is essentially the Formula 1 of motorcycle racing)...but this year, I'll be heading down with my friend Paul. He's doing a story for a midwest newspaper, and I'm shooting the photos. Gotta love press credentials! :-)