Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chief Beer Officer???

OK, I've heard of CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, and C3PO...but this one's new to me:

Four Points by Sheraton has recently appointed Scott Kerkmans as their CBO. Yep, Chief Beer Officer. He's 27, from Colorado, started his own magazine called Draft, and is a certified beer judge.


Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Brad Ruppert from Huntington Beach, CA actually obtained the largest number of internet votes. The morning of the announcement of the CBO, the Four Points website had a picture of Brad and a quote stating that he had won. This was later changed when the Four Points hiring team noticed that the person they had actually chosen to be the winner didn't match with the actual internet numbers. So they modified their statement, and claimed that Scott actually had the largest number of votes. It just goes to show you that the internet votes were just a media joke because they had no impact of who was to be CBO.

Anonymous said...

This is not true at all. I have a friend who works for Four Points and he said that Scott had more than half the votes. They really valued the public's opinion when it came to making a decision.