Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Kegulator

So you're planning a party...maybe Super Bowl, maybe 4th of July, or maybe it's the May 2-4 weekend (Canadians will understand), and now it's time to go fill the fridge. You're stuck with that terrifying question of how much beer to get--too little and your friends will call you a cheap bastard and never show up again, too much and you're stuck with a whole bunch of beer your friends like but you'd never drink yourself.

Now, there's a magical solution: The Kegulator!

Just tell it how many people are coming, and use the sliders to size up your friends' character...and there's your answer!

Canadians please note: you'll need to use your miles-to-kilometres converter (X 8/5) to get the correct numbers for your latitude & attitude).

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