Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Buy a costume, help kids with cancer

My client, Costume Kingdom, is currently focusing their marketing on promotions related to helping kids in one way or another. They donated a pile of costumes to the Boys & Girls Club about a month ago, and also donated the costumes for our SEMpdx Penguins & Pandas Gangnam Style video promo for the presentation Ben Lloyd and I are doing next week. Do you need a Hallowe'en costume for your kids, or for a "grown-up" party? Costume Kingdom will donate 20% of what you purchase to the Children's Cancer Association! They have a huge selection and totally reasonable prices. http://www.costumekingdom.com/childrenscancer.aspx Full disclosure: I'm on the Ambassador Board of the Children's Cancer Association, so, yes, I totally have 2 ponies in this race :-)

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