Sunday, November 13, 2011

New sample Visual Itineraries

We've just finished putting together a set of amazing visual itineraries for different parts of the world.

Check out this virtual tour of Italy...Ben wants to go simply because they make great noodles.

This African safari itinerary covers mostly where Melinda and I went in Kenya.

Of course, we have to have a tour of the Seychelles in the mix too...

A virtual visit to Fiji is next...Ben and I went there about 2 years ago, and loved it!

I had a fantastic trip to Thailand back in the late 1990's, but didn't manage to visit as many places as in this visual itinerary, nor did I stay anyplace anywhere NEAR as nice :-)

I put together a magical Maui adventure as well--I think Maui is often overlooked as people tend to know about just Kaanapali, Lahaina and Wailea, but there's a ton more cool outdoors stuff to see and do if you know where to go.

And someday I want to go the land down under--maybe time it to catch the Australia MotoGP races at Philip Island if I'm lucky!

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