Monday, April 05, 2010

Loving my new plane cover!

Just got my new airplane cover from, and I'm REALLY impressed with the fit, the materials, fasteners, etc. It's really first-rate, fit perfectly, good quality heavy-duty zippers and snaps, and looks great. Easy to put on too. Nice embroidery of my plane's tail number on the cover and the cowl plugs. And Jim, the owner of the company, definitely has a sense of humor as you can see if you read a bit of his site.


Cash Carroll said...

Your plane looks amazing, Michael. How often do you fly in it? Getting that cover is such treat for your plane to protect it from foreign objects. I also have a friend who is an enthusiast with airplanes and he often polishes and upgrades his plane whenever he gets the chance. Maybe someday, after I save up enough money, I'll be able to have my own plane to maintain and upgrade.

Cash Carroll

Michael Cottam said...

Hi Cash, in the winter, only once every 6 weeks or so...I'm a fair-weather flyer :-).

In the summer, every 2 weeks on average. Oregon is a pretty fantastic place to fly around once our weather settles!