Thursday, July 24, 2008

It pays to play hockey on Air Canada

Seth Godin's blog brought this to my attention (I'm quoting him here):

"Air Canada, which my readers generally concur is the single worst major airline in North America, has a fascinating policy. No oversized duffel bags, regardless of weight, unless they contain hockey gear. No shin guards, you pay $80 a bag."

Actually, for reservations made after May 15th of this year, it's now $100 a bag.

Turns out their policy is a bit more balanced than's not just hockey gear that gets the fee waived, it's also snowboards and skis :-). Full details are here.

Reminds me of a contest ran a long time ago to come up with the Canadian equivalent of the phrase "as American as apple pie". The winner was "as Canadian as possible, under the circumstances."

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