Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Comcast incompetence? I'm not the only one who thinks so...

A co-worker (having heard my recent rants about all my installation screwups from Comcast) found this today. The article in Consumerist starts with:

"Let's face it, you are probably smarter than your last Comcast technician—at least, you probably think you are."

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Anonymous said...

The incompetent fools at Comcast wasted 7 hours of my time while they screwed up the installation of my Internet service. The tech who came out didn't even verify that I had an Internet connection. Several telephone calls to their Tech Support line did not result in their establishing an Internet connection for me. Rather, they concluded that I needed to have another tech come out the next day to "troubleshoot." At that point, I called Apple, who correctly advised me to disconnect the modem (power cord and cable) for 2 minutes, shut down the computer, then go back on and open the Internet browser. It worked. I was on the Internet at last. I then called Comcast to cancel the "troubleshooting" appointment that had been set up for the next day. The woman who answered canceled the original installation appointment instead, and thereby disconnected my Internet service. I had to wait another 35 minutes to speak to the Comcast Technical Support group. The individual who handled my call was clueless, kept me on hold for another 15 minutes while he sought help, then came back to the phone and announced that he wanted to screw around with the wireless router to which the modem is connected. I told him no, you're not going to be messing around with the wireless router. I proceeded to disconnect the modem's power cord and cable, in accordance with Apple's advice earlier today, while the Comcast moron waited. It worked. I told the moron that it was sad that he didn't know what to tell me to do. He laughed at me. So much for Comcast. I'm skipping their e-mail--the less I see of their so-called services, the better.