Friday, June 30, 2006

Topless across America?

I first met Alyce Cornyn-Selby through my friend Paul--she was trying to get rid of her old hot tub, and would give it away to anyone who could get it out of there without wrecking her deck. I rounded up the 4 largest friends I had, bribed them with beer and pizza, and headed for her place with my 67 Chevy pickup. Note: if you're ever the recipient of such a request for a favor, let me advise you that for hot tubs, pianos, and hide-a-beds, there isn't enough beer or pizza in the world to make this a Good Deal for the helpful friends :-)

Alyce is quite a character--recently, she drove across the U.S. in her Bugatti replica, "Seno" (pictured). She even wrote a book about it. She's also the creator of The Hat Museum, and is helping us out at the Portland Rotary Club with our 2006 Road Rally. There's a video of a King 5 TV story on the Hat Museum at YouTube.

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