Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Honeymoon with my Brother (by Franz Wisner)

Franz Wisner (author of Honeymoon with my Brother) spoke yesterday at our Rotary club lunch about his experiences, writing the book, and travel. In a nutshell: after getting dumped just before his wedding, he and his brother decided to go ahead and use those non-refundable tickets for Costa Rica and go on a little vacation. They returned with a new outlook on life, and promptly quit their jobs, sold everything they had, and took off on a two-year, 53-country trip around the world.

It's a great book (and a true story), but what makes this meaningful for me is the story of his grandmother, who when she heard about their plans to scrap their current lives, careers, etc. and travel around the world thought it was a terrific idea. Valuing travel experience above stuff...that resonates with me and our mission at TheBigDay.

Franz is a great speaker as well--if you get a chance, definitely go see him.

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