Friday, February 24, 2006

A guy with an even better job

I spent a number of years in Toronto, home of CFNY, the best radio station I've heard anywhere. Back then, there was this guy "Revvin' Kevin" that CFNY sent out to report on all sorts of local happenings. Well, Kevin's moved on and now has his own TV show on the Fine Living channel called The Thirsty Traveler.

Kevin wants a wee dram, so he goes to Scotland and tours all the big-name distilleries, drinks for free, then they feed him a fantastic dinner and more scotch. Next he'd like a beer, so (sorry Milwaulkie!) he heads for the Czech Republic, visits the Pilsner Urquell brewery, gets a few free beer, and a fantastic dinner. And more beer. Off to Brazil, where he messes around with Cachaca (made from sugarcane, sounds a bit like rum). He must have blown his travel budget though, because at one point he does a show on Canadian rye whisky.

Seriously, this is a great show if you like travel and are interested in the history of some of the world's most interesting beverages. My Tivo box is locked on...

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